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Derek Jeter Tops Baseball’s Best Selling Jerseys of 2014

Derek Jeter best selling jersey

In April, when Major League Baseball last released a list of top selling jerseys, it was David Ortiz‘s name and number which had moved the most merchandise.

The popular slugger was still basking in the afterglow of leading the Red Sox to a World Series win. In fact, Red Sox second baseman Dustin Pedroia had the second most jersey sales back in April and Sox closer Koji Uehara and 2013 center fielder Jacoby Ellsbury also made the top 20.

Fast forward to midseason, and things are a bit different in the jersey sales race. Ortiz and Pedroia are still in the top five, despite the Red Sox’s struggles. But now it’s a member of the hated Yankees at number one. We run down the top 20 selling jerseys, including their rank at the beginning of the season, below.

20. Yu Darvish Texas Rangers (ranked 19th in April)
The Japanese import sells out on both sides of the Pacific

19. Tim Lincecum San Francisco Giants (unranked)
Mr. Cy Young Award has become Mr. No-Hitter. (Although the Giants would probably prefer Mr. Cy Young.

18. Hyun-Jin Ryu Los Angeles Dodgers (unranked)
More proof of the power of the Asian market.

17. Bryce Harper Washington Nationals (12)
Eye black sold separately.

16. Manny Machado Baltimore Orioles (10)
New notoriety has led to a down tick in sales.

15. Anthony Rizzo Chicago Cubs (unranked)
At least Cubs fans have one thing to cheer about.

14. Masahiro Tanaka New York Yankees (unranked)
Injury to their rookie ace could derail the Yankees season and fast.

13. Robinson Cano Seattle Mariners (9)
Power might be gone, but his new team is surprisingly good. Still probably not worth the money.

12. Freddie Freeman Atlanta Braves (unranked)
Becoming a legit middle of the order presence, which the Braves really, really need.

Freddie Freeman Jersey

11. Andrew McCutchen Pittsburgh Pirates (6)
Quietly putting up better numbers than he did in his 2013 National League MVP season.

10. Miguel Cabrera Detroit Tigers (13)
Even in a down year he still rakes.

9. Yasiel Puig Los Angeles Dodgers (11)
When you want to say “I’m exciting and unpredictable and give my manager ulcers.”

8. David Wright New York Mets (8)
“Captain America” remains a bit hit with the jersey buying public.

7. Mike Trout Anaheim Angles (14)
The best player in the world looks like he will win his first MVP in 2014; maybe then he can also top jersey sales by the end of the year.

6. Yadier Molina St. Louis Cardinals (4)
A Molina jersey will never look right without the corresponding aggressive neck tattoo.

5. Dustin Pedroia Boston Red Sox (2)
Sox fans aren’t blaming the laser show for their team’s dismal season.

4. David Ortiz Boston Red Sox (1)
Nor have they turned on Big Papi.

3. Clayton Kershaw Los Angeles Dodgers (5)
23.1 more innings to break Orel Hershisher’s scoreless struck of 59. If you were starting a team would you rather have Trout or Kershaw? Some question don’t have proper answers.

Clayton Kershaw best selling jersey

2. Buster Posey San Francisco Giants (7)
Giants fans always support their main man.

1. Derek Jeter New York Yankees (3)
To his credit, the retiring Hall of Famer has been keeping his head above water lately.

Dropped out of the 20: Koji Uehara, Jacoby Ellsbury, Adam Wainwright, Prince Fielder, Matt Harvey,


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