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Monthly Archives: January 2014

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Gamecock 2014 Baseball Schedule


2013 was a relatively successful season for first year Gamecock coach Chad Holbrook, as South Carolina finished the season 43 and 20 and made to their 13th straight NCAA tournament, advancing to the super regionals. However the back-to-back national champions of 2010 and 2011 didn’t

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Mississippi State Baseball Schedule


For all of Mississippi State Baseball’s success, the Bulldogs have never won a national championship. In 2013 they got mighty close, falling to UCLA in the College World Series finals and finishing the season as the nation’s consensus number two team. Will 2014 be the

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Oregon State Baseball Schedule


It was another fine season for Oregon State Baseball in 2013. The Beavers made their first College World Series since 2007, when they won their second of back-to-back national championships, reaching the semi-finals and finishing the season ranked number four in the nation. With first

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Little League Baseball Rules


Little League Baseball is notorious for only sharing its rule book with those who have paid an online subscription of twenty dollars or have sent ten dollars to have the rule book sent to their address. The Little League Baseball rules can not be purchased

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List of Baseball Leagues Around The World


You would be surprised how many professional baseball leagues there are in the world. Sure, you know about the American League and the National League and their minor league affiliate leagues. And maybe you’ve heard of Japan’s NPL. But there are many other pro baseball

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Ten Best World Series Of All-Time


Major League Baseball’s Fall Classic isn’t always a classic. Sometimes it’s four games to zero laugher that has sports fans searching the dial for football highlights. But there has also been some pretty great World Series in the 100 plus year history of baseball’s postseason

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Complete List of Baseball Terms


Over the years, baseball has developed its own rich language, including terms that that have slipped into our everyday lexicon. But some of baseball’s more obscure terms can be confusing for a beginning fan. We’ve completed a complete glossary of baseball terminology below. It’s in

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College Baseball Polls


According to the major college baseball polls in 2013, UCLA was the anonymous national champion. That’s what happens when you win the College World Series. In fact, the polls also all agreed that CWS runner up Mississippi State ranked number two. CWS semifinalist North Carolina

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Major League Baseball Pension Plan


When compared to the other three major North American sports leagues, being a baseball player has its perks. Not only do baseball players enjoy longer careers than their basketball, football and hockey peers, but only basketball players make higher salaries, and that has a lot

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Most Valuable Baseball Cards


Remember how you thought your baseball cards were going to make you rich someday? Well, that surely didn’t happened. Unless you are old. Really, really old. Because while today’s mass produced and well-taken care of baseball cards are never going to be worth much, the