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List of Baseball Leagues Around The World


You would be surprised how many professional baseball leagues there are in the world. Sure, you know about the American League and the National League and their minor league affiliate leagues. And maybe you’ve heard of Japan’s NPL.

But there are many other pro baseball leagues both around in the world and in the United States. Get a rundown on all of them below

National League (United States)
Founded: 1876
Teams: 15
Most titles: New York/San Francisco Giants 22

American League (United States and Canada)
Founded: 1901
Teams: 15
Most titles: New York Yankees 40


Nippon Professional Baseball League (Japan)
Founded: 1950
Teams: 12
Most titles: Yomiuri Giants 22

Mexican League (Mexico)
Founded: 1925
Teams: 16
Most titles: Diablos Rojos del México 15

Korea Baseball Championship (Korea)
Founded: 1982
Teams: 9
Most titles: Kia Tigers 10

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Venezuelan Professional Baseball League (Venezuela)
Founded: 1945
Teams: 8
Most titles: Leones del Caracas 20

China Baseball League (China)
Founded: 2002
Teams: 7
Most titles: Tianjin Lions 5

Dominican Professional Baseball League (Dominican Republic)
Founded: 1951
Teams: 6
Most titles: Águilas Cibaeñas 20

Italian Baseball League (Italy, San Marino)
Founded: 1948
Teams: 10
Most titles: Europhon Milano 6

Honkbal Hoofdklasse (Netherlands)
Founded: 1922
Teams: 8
Most titles: Neptunes 13

Australian Baseball League (Australia)
Founded: 2009
Teams: 6
Most titles: Pert Heat 2


International League (AAA, United States)
Founded: 1884
Teams 14
Most Titles: Rochester Red Wings 10

Pacific Coast League (AAA, United States)
Founded: 1903
Teams: 16
Most titles: San Francisco Seals

Eastern League (AA, United States)
Founded: 1923
Teams: 12
Most titles: Binghamton

Southern League (AA, United States)
Founded: 1963
Teams: 8
Most titles: Montgomery

Texas League (AA, United States)
Founded: 1902
Teams: 8
Most titles: Fort Worth

California League (A+, United States)
Founded: 1941
Teams: 10
Most titles: San Jose

Carolina League (A+, United States)
Founded: 1845
Teams: 8
Most titles: Winston-Salem

Florida State League (A+, United States)
Founded: 1919
Teams: 12
Most titles: Tampa

Midwest League (A, United States)
Founded: 1954
Teams: 16
Most titles: Wisconsin Timber Rattlers 8

South Atlantic League (A, United States)
Founded: 1980
Teams: 14
Most titles: Greensboro

New York-Penn League (SSA, United States)
Founded: 1939
Teams: 14
Most titles: Oneonta Yankees 10


Northwest League (SSA, United States, Canada)
Founded: 1955
Teams: 8
Most titles: Spokane

Appalachian League (Rookie+ United States)
Founded: 1937
Teams: 10
Most titles: Bluefield

Pioneer League (Rookie+ United States)
Founded: 1939
Teams: 8
Most titles: Billings

Arizona League (Rookie, United States)
Founded: 1989
Teams: 13

Gulf Coast League (Rookie, United States)
Founded: 1864
Teams: 16

American Association of Independent Professional Baseball (United States, Canada)
Founded: 2006
Teams: 13
Most Titles: Fort Worth Casts 2

Atlantic League of Professional Baseball (United States)
Founded: 1998
Teams: 8
Most titles: Somerset Patriots 5


Canadian American Association of Professional Baseball (Canada, United States)
Founded: 2005
Teams: 5
Most titles: Quebec Capitales 5

Frontier League (United States)
Founded: 1993
Teams: 14
Most titles: Windy City ThunderBolts 2

Pecos League (United States)
Founded: 2010
Teams: 8
Most titles: tie


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