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First Pitch Strip Tease Is Now A Thing in Taiwan

First pitch strip tease

We don’t now much about Taiwanese baseball outside of pitchers Chien-Ming Wang and Wei-Yin Chen, who both came to the United States and made their mark in MLB.¬†¬†Judging from this video, it’s safe to say things are little different in the island nation when it comes to the first pitch.

That busty young lady is “Yoga Goddess” Yan. ¬†Americans are also known to do all sorts of weird stuff with yoga. Nevertheless, in this part of the world we’d be hard pressed to call what Yan is doing anything but a proper strip tease.

At first we thought her leopard print top was part of her sexy outfit. But, as we learn later in the video, it’s just the home team’s regular uniform. To make it all the more strange, the name of the team with the leopard print uniforms are the Brother Elephants. Maybe Elephants, like first pitches, are little different in Taiwan. Or maybe brothers are. We really need to visit the odd and wondrous island and learn more.

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