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Top 2014 Fantasy Outfielders With Projections

Mike Trout

1. Mike Trout
The scary thing is that he should be getting better.
Projected stats for 2014:
R:126 HR:32 BA:311 RBI:106 SB:34

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2. Andrew McCutchen
Reigning National League MVP entering into the prime of his career.
Projected stats for 2014:
R:104 HR:24 BA:303 RBI:91 SB:20

3. Ryan Braun
Even with a small post-PED dropoff Braun is still a beast. Snag him up quick if he falls too far past the first round.
Projected stats for 2014:
R:96 HR:29 BA:297 RBI:104 SB:18

4. Carlos Gonzales 
Gonzales has never topped 145 games, and only played 110 in 2013, so you can’t bet on his health.
Projected stats for 2014:
R:80 HR:23 BA:301 RBI:85 SB:19

5. Bryce Harper
Bulked up Harper
now really has to avoid running into things.
Projected stats for 2014:
R:96 HR:25 BA:280 RBI:84 SB:17

6. Jacoby Ellsbury
Maybe Yankee stadium will jack up his home run total, but, if not, Ellsbury’s lack of power keeps him out of the first round.
Projected stats for 2014:
R:110 HR:13 BA:288 RBI:57 SB:47

7. Jose Bautista
Lots of home runs if he’s healthy, which he hasn’t been since 2011.
Projected stats for 2014:
R:88 HR:34 BA:251 RBI:100 SB:4

8. Adam Jones
His inability to draw a walk doesn’t hurt him as much in fantasy.
Projected stats for 2014:
R:97 HR:26 BA:279 RBI:81 SB:11

9. Giancarlo Stanton
He’d be a first round beast with a different stadium and a different team.
Projected stats for 2014:
R:77 HR:35 BA:267 RBI:91 SB:3
Giancarlo Stanton

10. Jay Bruce
Nice power, but raising strikeout numbers suggests the 27-year is already as good as he will get.
Projected stats for 2014:
R:86 HR:31 BA:262 RBI:96 SB:6

11. Carlos Gomez
We’re a bit skeptical about Gomez’s 2013 breakout, but the steals are real and spectacular.
Projected stats for 2014:
R:78 HR:17 BA:265 RBI:61 SB:40

12. Alex Rios
Underrated fantasy performer who’s more consistent than you think he is.
Projected stats for 2014:
R:82 HR:19 BA:285 RBI:84 SB:26

13. Shin-Soo Choo
Horrible signing in real life, but should still provide decent fantasy value.
Projected stats for 2014:
R:98 HR:20 BA:277 RBI:69 SB:12

14. Starling Marte
Stolen base percentage and strikeouts are worrisome, but Marte’s all-around tools make him a breakout candidate.
Projected stats for 2014:
R:100 HR:14 BA:273 RBI:51 SB:40

15. Yasiel Puig
Temper your Puig expectations by eliminating his bonkers first big league month.
Projected stats for 2014:
R:92 HR:25 BA:273 RBI:79 SB:11

16. Justin Upton
Save his hot start to 2013, Upton just hasn’t been a very good player over the last couple years.
Projected stats for 2014:
R:87 HR:23 BA:270 RBI:75 SB:9

17. Matt Holiday
No longer elite, but still steady.
Projected stats for 2014:
R:80 HR:19 BA:299 RBI:93 SB:3

18. Matt Kemp
Low risk high reward candidate as long as you don’t spend a lot drafting him.
Projected stats for 2014:
R:68 HR:18 BA:292 RBI:71 SB:19

19. Alex Gordon
Not very sexy, but a virtual lock to give your fantasy team positive value.
Projected stats for 2014:
R:88 HR:20 BA:271 RBI:89 SB:9

20. Jason Heyward
Still only 24, one day Heyward will start to put up the monster numbers he looks like he should be capable of.
Projected stats for 2014:
R:75 HR:19 BA:256 RBI:70 SB:18

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