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Best Fantasy Second Baseman 2014

Robinson Cano

1.Robinson Cano
Cano’s numbers should take a hit in Seattle, but he’s still the class of second base.
Projected stats for 2014:
R:88 HR:23 BA:302 RBI:98 SB:8

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2. Jason Kipnis
If not for a second half power swoon in 2013, we’d be tempted to put Kipnis at number one. As it stands, Kipnis could be the fantasy breakout of 2014
Projected stats for 2014:
R:93 HR:20 BA:265 RBI:89 SB:28

3. Dustin Pedroia
More beard than man, Pedroia still always gets it done. However his declining fly ball rate suggests he’s not going to be a 20 home run guy anymore.
Projected stats for 2014:
R:105 HR:13 BA:300 RBI:82 SB:18

4. Chase Utley
Chase Utley was built for fantasy baseball and he’s as healthy as he has been in years. (Albeit he’s also 35.)
Projected stats for 2014:
R:90 HR:24 BA:289 RBI:87 SB:12

5. Ian Kinsler
Anyone who has seen Kinsler’s home/road splits should find his move from Texas to Detroit pretty horrifying. Not stealing as many bases as in the past either, although reportedly lost weight for the move back to the lead off position.
Projected stats for 2014:
R:93 HR:17 BA:269 RBI:71 SB:22

6. Aaron Hill
Hill’s been pretty darn good since moving to the desert in 2012, and should be very productive if he can stay healthy.

Projected stats for 2014:
R:94 HR:23 BA:287 RBI:83 SB:9

7. Ben Zobrist
In 2013, Zobrit t
ook a bit of a dip from his typical underrated excellence. We expect more in 2014. Also eligible at short stop.
Projected stats for 2014:
R:93 HR:19 BA:273 RBI:77 SB:10

Ben Zobrist

8. Matt Carpenter
If he could turn some of those double into homers we’d really have something.  But don’t bet on it.
Projected stats for 2014:
R: 98 HR:12 BA:291 RBI:68 SB:4

9. Brett Lawrie
In each of Lawrie’s first three seasons his numbers have declined. Still, he’s only 24 and was bitten by injuries and the BABIP bug in 2013.
Projected stats for 2014:
R:81 HR:17 BA:271 RBI:80 SB:13

10. Jedd Gyroko
His minor league stats suggest the power is quite legit, and he doesn’t seem to have a problem knocking them out of PETCO.
Projected stats for 2014:
R:81 HR:27 BA:258 RBI:87 SB:1

11. Jose Altuze
Decent value as long as he keeps running. If only there was someone on Houston to knock him in.
Projected stats for 2014:
R:74 HR:6 BA:291 RBI:55 SB:31

12. Brandon Phillips
His 2013 RBI surge masked his steady decline. But he won’t be knocking in so many runs once he’s (properly) removed from the middle of the lineup.
Projected stats for 2014:
R:77 HR:15 BA:270 RBI:72 SB:9

13. Martin Prado
The move to the thin air of Arizona didn’t give Prado the expected bump in 2013, but BAPIP may have been a factor. Also eligible at 3B and OF
Projected stats for 2014:
R:73 HR:11 BA:291 RBI:75 SB:6

14.Howie Kendrick
He’s not going to win you any leagues, but Kendrick’s been consistently solid since 2008.
Projected stats for 2014:
R:66 HR:12 BA:294 RBI:69 SB:11

15. Kelly Johnson
Johnson will give you some speed and power when he plays, and it looks like the Yankees have little choice but to run him out every night.
Projected stats for 2014:
R:62 HR:23 BA:231 RBI:59 SB:16

16. Jurickson Profar
Profar didn’t show a whole lot in 2013, but in the battle of keystone prospects we still prefer the 21-year old over Anthony Rendon and not just because of his name.
Projected stats for 2014:
R:71 HR:9 BA:271 RBI:58 SB:17
Jurickson Profar

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