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Top Fantasy Third Baseman With Projections

Miguel Cabrera

1. Miguel Cabrera
Miggy wins a triple crown in 2012 and is even better in 2013. And he’s still only 30.
Projected stats for 2014:
R:107 HR:43 BA:318 RBI:127 SB:3

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2. Adrian Beltre
Quietly making a bid for the Hall of Fame. If has a couple more years like he had in ’12 and ’13 we’re talking first ballot.
Projected stats for 2014:
R:95 HR:31 BA:303 RBI:101 SB:1

3. David Wright
It looks like the big-time power is never coming back, but Wright can still help you in other ways.
Projected stats for 2014:
R:96 HR:21 BA:298 RBI:87 SB:22

4. Edwin Encarnacion
That he hit twice as many home runs last year away from the Rodgers Centre launching pad portends well for 2014. He is also eligible at 1B.
Projected stats for 2014:
R:88 HR:36 BA:268 RBI:103 SB:5

5. Evan Longoria
Finally healthy in 2013, although he is no longer running, which knocks him down a couple pegs.
Projected stats for 2014:
R:88 HR:27 BA:276 RBI:93 SB:2

6. Ryan Zimmerman
Watching Zimmerman throw from third base is painful but he will maintain eligibility there for the year no matter what the National’s decide to do with him.
Projected stats for 2014:
R:79 HR:23 BA:272 RBI:90 SB:5

7. Josh Donaldson
Josh Donaldson’s out of nowhere 2013 season helped to win quite a few fantasy leagues. He’s no longer under the radar, but still might provide value.
Projected stats for 2014:
R:89 HR:20 BA:282 RBI:85 SB:4
Josh Donaldson

8. Aramis Ramirez
When he’s healthy, and he appears to be, Ramirez always rakes.
Projected stats for 2014
R:75 HR:22 BA:287 RBI:93 SB:0

9. Pablo Sandoval
The Kung Fu Panda is allegedly in the “best shape of his life.” But is that a good thing? He hasn’t hit with a whole of power during his last two seasons of weight fluctuations.
Projected stats for 2014:
R:74 HR:18 BA:301 RBI:82 SB:2

10. Matt Carpenter
If he could turn some of those double into homers we’d really have something. But don’t bet on it. Also eligible at 2B
Projected stats for 2014:
R:98 HR:12 BA:291 RBI:68 SB:6

11. Brett Lawrie
In each of Lawrie’s first three seasons his numbers have declined. Still, he’s only 24 and was bitten by injuries and the BABIP bug in 2013. Also eligible at 2B.
Projected stats for 2014:
R:81 HR:17 BA:271 RBI:80 SB:13

12.  Manny Machado
There was actually some noise out of Baltimore that Machado could challenge Trout and Harper for best college-aged player in the game. We’ll see.
Projected stats for 2014
R:85 HR:16 BA:278 RBI:79 SB:8

13. Pedro Alvarez
Serious power, but also an awful lot of swing-and-miss.
Projected stats for 2014:
R:68 HR:34 BA:229 RBI:87 SB:1

14.Chase Headley
Headley’s going to make himself a lot of money if his 2014 is more like his 2012 than his 2013. As it stands his power surge from a couple years ago seems like an outlier.
Projected stats for 2014:
R:68 HR:17 BA:278 RBI:73 SB:14

15. Jedd Gyroko
His minor league stats suggest the power is legit, and he doesn’t seem to have a problem knocking them out of PETCO. Also eligible at 2B.
Projected stats for 2014:
R:81 HR:27 BA:258 RBI:87 SB:1
Jedd Gyorko

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