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Best Fantasy First Baseman 2014

Paul Goldschmidt

1. Paul Goldschimdt
Led the NL and homers and RBIs in 2013, and then there are all of those sneaky steals. Could explode.
Projected stats for 2014:
R:106 HR:37 BA:292 RBI:111 SB:16

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2. Chris Davis
The power is real and scary. The risk is if he can continue to hold his head above water against lefties.
Projected stats for 2014:
R: 103 HR:43 BA:261 RBI:119 SB:3

3. Joey Votto
Call it a hunch, but we think this is the year Votto stops being so principled about walks and lets it rip a little more.
Projected stats for 2014:
R:111 HR:28 BA:325 RBI:92 SB:6

4. Edwin Encarnacion
That he hit twice as many home runs last year away from the Rodgers Centre launching pad portends well for 2014. He is also eligible at 3B.
Projected stats for 2014:
R:88 HR:36 BA:268 RBI:103 SB:5

5. Prince Fielder
Fielder’s declining power gets a boast with his move to Arlington. And you can just about mark him down for 160+ games.
Projected stats for 2014:
R:88 HR:29 BA:280 RBI:106 SB:0

6. Buster Posey
One of the harder players to project because of his move full time to first base from catcher. These stats may be a tad conservative.
Projected stats for 2014:
R:80 HR:19 BA:308 RBI:87 SB:1

7. Albert Pujols
Projected stats for 2014:
Decline doesn’t always happen in a straight line, giving hope that the (at least) 34 year old Pujols will be more like the 2012 version than the injury riddled 2013 one.
R:88 HR:26 BA:288 RBI:92 SB:4

8. David Ortiz
Yup, Ortiz is first base eligible in Yahoo! and a bunch of other formats. Lately, the 38 year old has been spitting in the face of decline.
Projected stats for 2014:
R:81 HR:27 BA:295 RBI:97 SB:0
David Ortiz Bat Flip

9. Adrian Gonzalez
The big time power looks gone for good, but he still has some bat skills and is sitting the middle of a pretty good lineup
Projected stats for 2014:
R:89 HR:25 BA:288 RBI:103 SB:0

10. Freddie Freeman
Enormous jump in BABIP (batting average balls in play) makes Freeman’s breakout 2013 suspect. Unlike the Braves, you’d only be buying him for a year.
Projected stats for 2014:
R:83 HR:19 BA:280 RBI:92 SB:2

11. Joe Mauer
Great player in real life and great fantasy value at catcher, in which he is still eligible. Just not enough pop or speed for the first base elite.
Projected stats for 2014:
R:78 HR:13 BA:319 RBI:86 SB:5

12. Allen Craig
Saying a player has a knack for RBIs is so pre-sabermetrics. But if the shoe fits…
Projected stats for 2014:
R:78 HR:16 BA:296 RBI:101 SB:2

13. Billy Butler
Fantasy breakout in 2012 and then a step back in 2012. Still only 27 and 1B eligible in Yahoo.
Projected stats for 2014:
R:81 HR:19 BA:300 RBI:88 SB:0

14. Eric Hosmer
In 2013, the Royals’ real first baseman finally showed the skills that had made him a uber-prospect.
Projected stats for 2014:
R:90 HR:19 BA:271 RBI:85 SB:11

15. Mark Trumbo
Power hitter moving to thinner air is good. The plummeting contact rate is not.
Projected stats for 2014:
R:71 HR:32 BA:229 RBI:85 SB:5

Worth a flyer: Ryan Howard and Mark Teixeira
Once fantasy stalwarts, the still very well-remunerated duo are just as likely to disintegrate into dust and tears as they are to provide your squad value. However, if things break right, 30+ homers with 100+ RBIs isn’t out of the question for either. Probably worth a late round pick and stash.
Ryan Howard Mark Teixeira

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