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Top Fantasy Shortstops 2014 With Projections

Hanley Ramirez

1. Hanley Ramirez
After two down seasons, Ramirez was the best player in the National League during the second half of 2013. Bet on him to keep it going.
Projected stats for 2014:
R:107 HR:27 BA:309 RBI:91 SB:23

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2. Troy Tulowitzki
Tulowitzki is as good as it gets when he stays healthy. The problem is he rarely does and is already battling injuries in the Cactus League.
Projected stats for 2014:
R:83 HR:29 BA:303 RBI:87 SB:6

3. Jose Reyes
Reyes was hitting more home runs in Toronto before he got hurt. Expect that trend to continue and compensate for his sagging SB numbers.
Projected stats for 2014:
R:99 HR:16 BA:297 RBI:71 SB:28

4. Ian Desmond
Desmond 20/20 game seems legit and sustainable. If only the rest of the National’s offense could meet their potential he would be a good source for Runs and RBIs too.
Projected stats for 2014:
R:84 HR:22 BA:277 RBI:75 SB:21

5. Jean Segura
Seems a prime candidate for the dreaded sophomore slump. Speed, however, never really slumps.
Projected stats for 2014:
R:81 HR:10 BA:280 RBI:51 SB:42

6. Ben Zobrist
Zobrist will also get you eligibility at second and the outfield. And since you never know where Jon Maddon will put his jack-of-all-position it’s not out the question he’ll earn another infield spot as the year progresses.
Projected stats for 2014:
R:93 HR:19 BA:273 RBI:77 SB:10

7. Everth Cabrera
Thanks to his association with Biogensis, Cabrera still hasn’t played a full season. This should be the year he shows how many bases he can steal when he does.
Projected stats for 2014:
R:81 HR:6 BA:264 RBI:44 SB:53

8. Jimmy Rollins
He lost his power in 2013 and is already in new manager Ryne Sandberg’s doghouse. However, Jimmy is just a year away from being a top four SS.
Projected stats for 2014:
R:91 HR:17 BA:258 RBI:65 SB:26
Jimmy Rollins

9. Starlin Castro
The rapid decline of the still-just-23-year-old Starlin Castro is a mystery and a cautionary tale. But you have to believe he’s better than what his 2013 stats showed.
Projected stats for 2014:
R:82 HR:12 BA:283 RBI:71 SB:14

10. J.J. Hardy
J.J will hit you home runs. And if he keeps his average up he could be more valuable than some of the players front of him on this list.
Projected stats for 2014:
R:71 HR:25 BA:265 RBI:77 SB:1

11. Elvis Andrus
His value is tethered to a somewhat inconsistent running game and he tends to overrated on draft day.
Projected stats for 2014:
R:88 HR:4 BA:278 RBI:56 SB:29

12. Brad Miller
Popular sleeper pick showed something in 2013 after tearing up the minors. If he can steal bases in the big leagues he could be the steal of the draft.
Projected stats for 2014:
R:82 HR:13 BA:269 RBI:74 SB:11

13. Asdrubal Cabrera
Had one near-great year in 2011 but’s been pretty blah since. His on-base problems in 2013 don’t bode well for the future.
Projected stats for 2014:
R:74 HR:14 BA:259 RBI:66 SB:7

14. Alexei Ramirez
If he could somehow combine his early career power with his more recent speed he’d be a top five talent.
Projected stats for 2014:
R:61 HR:10 BA:280 RBI:66 SB:24

15. Jhonny Peralta
One of those most inconsistent players in the game, Biogensis boy Peralta moves to St. Louis.
Projected stats for 2014:
R:65 HR:14 BA:262 RBI:69 SB:3
Jhonny Peralta

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