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Pittsburgh Pirates Team History


The Pittsburgh Pirates joined the National League in 1887. They are in the Central division and and play at PNC Park in Pittsburgh. Their team colors are black gold and white and they are often called the Bucs or the Buccos. The Pirates were originally

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Seattle Mariners Team History


The Mariners joined the American League in 1977. They are in the Western Division and have played at Safeco Field in Seattle since 1999. Their team colors are navy blue, Northwest green, metallic silver and white. Mariners have no lineage to the Seattle Pilots, who

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Colorado Rockies Team History


  The Colorado Rockies joined the National League in 1993 as part of an expansion that also included the Florida Marlins. They are in the West Division and they play in Coors Field in Denver, the biggest park in baseball dimension-wise. Their colors are black,

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Most Valuable Baseball Cards


Remember how you thought your baseball cards were going to make you rich someday? Well, that surely didn’t happened. Unless you are old. Really, really old. Because while today’s mass produced and well-taken care of baseball cards are never going to be worth much, the

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Baseball Stirrups


  A baseball stirrup is a kind of sock that is part of the traditional baseball uniform. When baseball began, a high sock was necessary because for pants players wore knickers, which fit just over the knee and reigned as the style of the day.

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St. Louis Cardinals Team History


  The St. Louis Cardinals have been playing baseball in the National League since 1892. They are currently in the Central Division, their team colors are red, navy and white and they play at Busch Stadium. Their team nicknames include The Redbirds. The St. Louis

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Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim


The Los Angeles Angels joined the American League in 1961. They are in the League’s West Division and have played in Angel Stadium in Anaheim since 1966. Their colors are carnelian, midnight blue and white. In 1960, Major League baseball decided to add another team

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San Francisco Giants Team History


  The Giants entered the National League in 1883. They are currently in the West Division and play their home games at AT&T Park. Their team colors are black, orange and cream. The Giants were originally based in New York, and started there as the

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Texas Rangers Team History


The Texas Ranger franchise has been playing in the American League since 1961. They are in League’s Western Division and their home stadium is Rangers Ballpark at Arlington in Arlington, Texas. Their team colors are red, white and blue. When the Washington Senators left Washington

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Tampa Bay Rays Team History


The Tampa Bay Rays have been playing baseball in the American League East since 1998. Their home stadium is Tropicana Field in St. Petersburg, Florida and their team colors are navy, Columbia blue, white and gold. The idea of Major League baseball in the Tampa