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Yasiel Puig Flashes Amazing Reflexes On Field And In The Dugout (VIDEO)

Yasiel Puig might be the most “toolsy” player in baseball. In addition to being able to run fast, throw far and hit a baseball so hard it is branded with the name from his bat, the Cuban important has some mighty quick reflexes. Cat-like, one would say.

The first example of Puig’s coordination comes form the fifth inning of last night’s Dodgers match up with their SoCal rival Padres. In the fifth inning San Diego third baseman Yangervis Solarte sends a hard hit groundball into the right-center gap off of Keven Correia. Puig, who is playing center, cuts in front of Matt Kemp to field the ball. The 23-year old over runs the play a bit, but than casually fields the ball between his legs and fires it to second, holding the Solarte to a single.

Puig fields between his legs

You’re not impressed, you say. Just an example of a baseball player making a slight blunder and than recovering from it with the requisite athletic ability required to make one a highly paid athlete. Well, get a load of this, which happened in the dugout of the same game.

Puig has defeated the helmet, and the poor helmet didn’t even know they were playing. Also note the casual way he responds to his amazing reflexes. You’re not fooling us, Yasiel, we know you are smiling on the inside and possibly singing some sort of celebratory song in Spanish.

Now it’s up to the other National League MVP candidates like Giancarlo Stanton, Andrew McCutchen and Jonathan Lucroy to offer up a display of their extra-human senses. In 2014, ¬†GIFs are at least as important as RBIs.

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