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Minor League Baseball Salaries


The average Major League Baseball salary a little over three million dollars. Good work if you can get it. Of course, few can get it. And before becoming a Major Leaguer a ballplayer has to make his way through the Minor Leagues where the pay

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Funny Baseball Team Names


The names of the 30 Major League Baseball teams aren’t particularly funny. Yeah, Chris Farley got off a good Yankee joke in ‘Tommy Boy” but there was a whole lot of context there. Minor league teams, however, have some pretty funny names. Maybe it’s our

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Best Baseball Stadiums


There are many factors that go into a great baseball stadium: architecture; view; accessibility; food and general ambiance. It also helps the ballpark experience if the home team is playing well, but we can’t very well blame the stadium for poor team construction. Below are

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List of Baseball Leagues Around The World


You would be surprised how many professional baseball leagues there are in the world. Sure, you know about the American League and the National League and their minor league affiliate leagues. And maybe you’ve heard of Japan’s NPL. But there are many other pro baseball

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Minor League Baseball Teams


  There are currently 243 Minor League baseball teams with the majority acting as affiliates for Major League baseball clubs. Below we’ve listed all 30 big league teams, organized by league and alphabetical order, and their corresponding minor league teams. American League Baltimore Orioles Norfolk

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Michael Jordan Baseball Stats


In 1994 Michael Jordan played one year of minor league baseball for the Double-A Birmingham Barons, a Chicago White Sox affiliate. The stats he put up were less than impressive. In 497 plate appearances the the NBA legend hit .202 with a .289 OBP and

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List of Major League Baseball Trophies


  Major League baseball offers an impressive array of trophies every. Players and other baseball personnel can earn this hardware by their performance on the field or on the community or sometimes even a combination both. Learn more about all Major League Baseball’s awards —