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Cheap -3 Baseball Bats


A baseball’s drop is its weight in ounces minus its length in inches. So a 30 inch bat that weighs 20 ounces would have a drop of -10. If you are playing high school or college baseball you need to use a BBCOR approved bat

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Combat Baseball

combat baseball

Combat sports is a sporting goods company which makes composite baseball bats. Founded by GE executives in the late nineties, the Canadian company started out by making composite hockey sticks. They moved into the baseball in the early twenty first century, first supplying composite bats

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Baseball Savings


Baseball savings is an online one-stop shop for baseball equipment and apparel. It was founded in 2006 and its mailing address is in Wichita, Kansas, where they also have one retail store there. Baseball Savings is the number one baseball only retailer on the Internet.

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Best Baseball and Softball Bats


Just like a painter needs a brush, a hitter needs a bat. We’ve scoured the internet for the most highly rated bats in the youth, adult and softball categories. Below are descriptions of the bats as well as the price range you should expect the

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Easton Baseball Bats

easton baseball bats1

  Easton is sporting goods equipment company founded in 1922. They have since merged with Bell Sports, which focus on cycling and safety equipment. Easton makes hockey equipment, archery equipment and baseball equipment. Easton probably most famous for their aluminum and composite baseball bats.  Although

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Baseball Bat Display Case

baseball bat cases

Typically baseball bats are used to hit a baseball with. But that certainly isn’t the only use for these club-like tools. Baseball bats are often employed a method of home or car security, and many bars and convenience stores have a baseball bat latched under

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Wooden Baseball Bats


The traditional baseball bat, and the only baseball bat allowed in professional baseball leagues, is made out of wood. In baseball’s infancy there were no bat manufacturers so the players made their own hitting sticks. There was all sorts of experimentation with different types of

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Baseball Bat Bags


Ok, so you have yourself a baseball bat. Maybe two. Now how do you carry to your bat to the local ball field without looking like you are about start a window smashing riot or beat somebody in the kneecap for not paying a debt?

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Baseball Warehouse

baseball warehouse2

  Baseball Warehouse is an online retailer and one stop shop for all of your baseball needs. Baseball Warehouse offers baseball bats, wood baseball bats, baseball gloves, baseball bags, batting helmets, catcher’s gear, custom colors, pitching machines, baseball training aids, baseball clothes, baseball accessories, protective