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Easton Baseball Bats

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Easton is sporting goods equipment company founded in 1922. They have since merged with Bell Sports, which focus on cycling and safety equipment. Easton makes hockey equipment, archery equipment and baseball equipment.

Easton probably most famous for their aluminum and composite baseball bats.  Although they also make wood bats, hitting and fielding gloves, helmets and baseball apparel.

You can purchase Easton bats directly from Easton’s website, but you might actually get a better price from Amazon or the third party retailers you can find on Amazon. We’ve listed five of the most popular models of Easton baseball bats below with the brief description of what they offer.

Easton LX73 Reflex -13 Youth Baseball Bat $40 to $60
The Easton LX73 reflex is a great economically priced bat for a beginning baseball player of around eight. It is made from 7050 aircraft alloy and features and mega-thin 29/32 cushioned grip that is the perfect size for little hands to wrap around. The bat features a -13 inch drop, meaning it is 13 fewer ounces than it is inches. This is about as big of a drop as possible which is great for kids who don’t have a lot of strength yet still need plate coverage. The bat comes in sizes between 28 inches and 15 ounces and 31 inches 18 ounces.

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Easton Youth Yb13S1 S1 Composite-12 Baseball Bat $200 and $300
This is a very expensive bat for an advanced Little Leaguer. It features a two piece ConneXion technology which both maximize the energy transfer and provides optimal feel. This composite bat is made to have a large sweet spot and low M.O.I (moment of inertia) which allows it faster swing speeds than a similar sized bats. The bat is Little League approved and it features a 12 inch drop, so your little slugger won’t have to be super-strong to drive the ball. Like all composite bats it takes a little while to break in. However many have bought the Yb13S1 report this high tech hitting stick has been turning their sons, singles into doubles and doubles into triples so it is worth the weight

Easton BK6 Hammer Bbcor Adult Baseball Bat $25 to $50
Despite its low price, the Easton BK6 Hammer is BBCOR approved, meaning it can be used by any High School or College player. The aluminum bat is equipped with Easton Brace Barrel technology, which locks at essentially points in the barrel, giving the bat a low M.O.I while still meeting BBCOR compliance. The bat is available in 29 to 35 inches and features a -3 drop and thin 31/32 grip. It comes with a 12 month warranty. According to numerous online reviews the BK6 is almost is as good as good as more expensive bats.


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Easton Sl13S210 S2 Composite/Tht100-10 Senior League Baseball Bat $175 to $250
This is a big time bat for either adult baseball players, high schoolers, and very advanced tweens and early teens. It has Easton patented two piece ConneXion technology which allows for both optimal feel and maximum energy transfer. With a ultra-thin 29/32 grip this bat should sit comfortable in your hand and the THT100 scandium alloy allows for an extended sweet spot. The bat comes in sizes from 29 inches to 35 inches and has an enormous -10 drop that should allow you to really whip through the hitting zone with a very low M.O.I.

Easton MAKO Power Brigade BBCOR -3 $450
This is Easton’s most expensive and top of the line bat. According to Easton, the MAKO -3 is both the fastest bat through the zone and the most barrell through the zone, a best of both worlds combination that should have any serious baseball player contemplating dropping $450 on a bat. The bat is approved for college, high school and most 14 and over youth leagues. The MAKO came out in the summer of 2013 and proved so popular it quickly sold out, so make sure to check for availability. But so far those who were able to get a hand on the MAKO -3 report they are doing some the best hitting of their lives with it.


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