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Baseball Bat Bags


Ok, so you have yourself a baseball bat. Maybe two. Now how do you carry to your bat to the local ball field without looking like you are about start a window smashing riot or beat somebody in the kneecap for not paying a debt?

A baseball bat bag will not only set at ease the mind of passersbys, but they will free your hands to do other things such as answer your cellphone or get your glove warmed up for play. There are many different types of baseball bag. We will discuss there different styles below and hopefully you will be able to come away with a better idea of what baseball bat bags suits your needs.

Traditional baseball bat bag
The standard baseball bag is shaped like a long duffel bag. It can typically hold between three and six bats and comes with a hand carrying strap and a padded shoulder strap. They feature a separate compartment to store your shoes and typically have other spaces for equipment like batting gloves. Some of these traditional baseball bat bags have backpack straps. They will generally have a fence clip, which turns the bag into a back rack when they are in the dugout. Traditional baseball bat bags are reasonably priced. You can find bags from premier brands like Nike or Mizuno in the twenty to thirty dollars range.


Backpack baseball bag
A baseball bat backpack bag is hybrid of a baseball bat bag and a backpack. The backpack baseball bag typically carries two bats along its sides — the poke out of the bag around the ears and give it a very sleek overall look. The bags generally have fence hooks and a lower compartment where you can store your muddy cleats. Some also have another exterior compartment for your batting helmet. Then there is the main storage section of the backpack baseball bag in which you can place anything from your glove to six pack of beer for after the game. Easton makes a fine line of backpack baseball bags which run around sixty dollars.


Wheeled baseball bag
You know the old saying “If my grandmother had wheels she’d be a wagon?” Well, if you’re baseball bag had wheels it would be a wheeled baseball bag. Wheeled baseball bag are just baseball bags with wheels so you can pull it behind you like a wagon.  They are more expensive than regular baseball bags — ranging from about sixty to a hundred dollars. But they are also much more user-friendly and easier to transport than a baseball bag without wheels. And they are also preferable to sticking wheels on your poor grandmother and using her to transport your baseball bats. That would be cruel.


Catcher baseball bag
They call a catcher’s equipment the tools of ignorance. Catcher’s equipment bags are the tools to carry around the tools of ignorance. A catcher baseball bag is similar to a regular baseball bag besides being specially designed to carry (and provide easy access to) a catcher’s chest protector and leg pads. It also has plenty of room for a catcher’s glove, two bats and other non-catcher specific baseball equipment. Catchers bags should run between about fifty and hundred dollars.


Bat caddies
Bat caddies are fairly simple devices that store between eight and twelve bats. They are basically just a tarp like strip with pouches for the bats that can be easily hang on a chain link fence to form a bat rap. Then, when the game is over, you can use the caddy to move the bats. These useful bags only cost around twenty bucks.


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