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Adam Dunn’s Double Bounces Off Top Of The Fence Twice

Last night, White Sox slugger Adam Dunn incorrectly thought he had his 455 home run. Twice. On the same play

Actually, at first it looked like Astros leftfielder L.J Hoes was going to scale the wall and catch the drive off of  Scott Feldman. White Sox broadcaster Hawk Harrelson even begin to credit Hoes with the snag. But Hoes just missed the ball and it bounced high off of the top of the fence at US Cellular Park. Motion would suggest it would end up in the stands for a home run, but instead the ball came back down on the top of the fence again, physics be-damned.

After a much smaller bounce, the ball came back onto the field and right into Hoes’s globe.

Dunn still got a double on the drive, which baffled his manager Robin Ventura.

“I’ve seen it once, but not twice,” said White Sox skipper said of Dunn’s double bounce. “Again, you are seeing that ball, you get that feeling you are hitting some balls hard, but you are not quite getting what you deserve.”

The play happened right in front of the White Sox’s bullpen, and at least one of the White Sox had an (illegal) inclination to help the ball alone.

“Somebody was yelling that one of the guys in the ‘pen should have reached over and grabbed it,” reliever Zach Putnam said. “Bought us a run or something, but I didn’t see it myself.”

It was Dunn’s 331 double.

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