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Fox Sports Fantasy Baseball

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Fox sports fantasy baseball is a free fantasy baseball available on the MSN Fox Sports website. Fox Sports fantasy baseball offers all of the features one would expect from a major media website fantasy baseball game. Among these features are draft guides, team previews, average draft position, scoring leaders, can’t drop list, injury reports, video, expert analysis, roster trends, player news and video. The standard Fox Sports league has ten teams and has up-to-the-minute live scoring, multiple draft options and a mobile app.

Fox sports fantasy baseball has an auto-draft option, an offline draft option and offers mock drafts. For public leagues, the head-to-head playoffs begin in week 23.

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In 2013 a head-to-head fantasy league called the Mohrriors led by comedian and sports radio talks show host Jay Mohr was featured on the Fox Sports fantasy baseball websites. Interested viewers were able to track all the results and roster move in Mohr’s league and follow the action from start to finish. Mohr’s team finished last place in his division, missing the playoffs. While that is not a good result for the man with his name in the league’s title, poor fantasy play is traditionally good fodder for self-deprecating humor, so hopeful Mohr got some good jokes out of his poor performance.

Fox Sports Fantasy Baseball backs up its fantasy baseball game with lots of coverage and analysis. This includes importing fantasy baseball content from RotoWire and Yardbarker. Fox also his its own in-house fantasy commentators including John Halpin and Ryan Fowler.

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Fox’s public league offer no prizes, which is in contrast to other public fantasy leagues which award things like t-shirts. However private leagues can develop any prize structure they want on their own. Fox Sport Fantasy Baseball doesn’t have a cash game, in which players pay an entry fee and the top two or three finishers get most of that pooled money as a reward.

While Fox Sports fantasy baseball isn’t as popular as or CBSsports’ versions of rotisserie baseball it’s still a very solid game. If you are dissatisfied with your current fantasy baseball portal or are thinking of becoming a fantasy baseball player for the first time Fox Sports Fantasy Baseball is worth checking out.

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