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Selling Baseball Cards

selling baseball cards

The are four popular ways to sell your baseball cards. You can sell them to a baseball card shop, you can sell them at a card show, you can sell them directly to a friend or personal acquaintance, or you can sell them online.

But before you sell a baseball card or any valuable collectable you have to get a good gauge on exactly what it is worth. For this, you certainly need to go online.

Ebay is great resource to use for pricing your baseball card. Simply type the card’s description into eBay’s search box and you will get a list of what everybody is trying to sell the card at in various PSA conditions. Once you see that you will have a pretty good idea of the kind of price range you should expect for your card.

Selling a baseball card card to a card shop
If you were going to sell a card in 1988 this would be the way you would probably do it. But there were reasons to be wary of selling to a dealer back then and there still are now. The only difference is now there are other ways to sell just about any baseball card, so we can’t recommend using a dealer. The problem with going the dealer route, as it’s always been, is that most dealers are only going to buy a card if they are sure they can sell it for enough of a markup to make it worth their while. The bottom line is that if a dealer is willing to pay a certain amount of money for a card its almost certainly worth at least 10 percent more. Card dealers are sharks because their livelihood depends on it and one would be advised to stay away from sharks when conducting financial matters.

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Selling a baseball card at a card show
If you have a lot of baseball cards to sell it could be worth it to buy a table at a card show. However a booth can cost up to $1000 for the weekend and is going run you at least 100 bucks. But even if you don’t want to lay down that kind of capital for a booth it might still be a good idea to plop down eight or ten bucks for a card show’s general admission fee and hit the event. With a friendly outgoing attitude you may well be able to find fellow shoppers who are interested in buying your cards. Also, given the frantic nature of a card show, those dealers who are such sharks on their home turf might be a little less on-the-ball and more susceptible to actually accepting a fair price for your card when they are in the convention hall.

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Selling a baseball card to a friend
Friends tend to share common interests. Like collecting baseball cards. A friend is also the perfect person to sell (or go old school and trade) a baseball card to. Since you know what kind baseball cards your card collecting buddy likes you can specifically cater the sale to him from the get go. A good tip when selling a baseball card to a friend or acquaintance is to do it during the baseball season when the are most excited about the sport and the collectables associated with it.

Selling a baseball card online
This is the best way to sell a baseball card. And by using an auction site like eBay you maximize your chances of getting the best price possible. But eBay isn’t the only online auction site on the Internet. is another option. The site has lower fees than eBay, however since it also has fewer eyeballs you may end up with a lower sale price. When selling a baseball card online make sure you have a good scanner so you can include a picture with an accurate representation of the card’s condition. And remember that buyer feedback is an important on sites like eBay. If you screw any buyer over in regards to what kind of shape the card is in or a PSA score it will make it difficult for you to sell cards in the future.


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