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Baseball Cap Rack


We have no idea how many different types of baseball caps there are in the world. A million? That sounds like too many. But surely there are hundreds of thousands. The point is if you want to own a lot of different baseball hats you certainly have the opportunity to.

And if you do own a lot of baseball caps, you will need a place to store them as nobody likes a baseball cap owner who just throws his hats all haphazardly all over the house. There are many different styles of baseball cap racks that can both organize your sports lids and keep your room in order. We’ve listed the different styles of baseball cap racks and an explanation of each of them below. Hopefully this will help you decide which baseball cap rack is right for you and your baseball cap collection.

Baseball cap rack stand tower
This is the granddaddy of all baseball cap racks. It is a solidly built wire tower, often extending more than six feet in the air. The tower will have between eight and fourteen tiers. You can put one baseball or hat on each tier, or up to six caps on each tier if you stack them on top of each other. Meaning some baseball cap hat racks can store over a hundred hats. This type of rack is often used in commercial settings — like a sporting goods shop or college bookstore. But for the serious baseball cap collector it would be appropriate for home use. Baseball cap hat rack stands generally cost between eighty and one hundred and twenty dollars, depending on their size.


Door hanging cap racks 
You’ve probably seen one of these hanging on the back of the closet of your frattiest bro. Door hanging cap racks are a great way to organize a medium sized baseball cap collections. To set up a door hanging cap rack you strap it to the top of a door. There should also be a lower strap which stabilizes it to the bottom of the door. Then there are clips or hooks on which you can hang between eight and ten hats. (Many door hanging cap racks come in sets of two, so you can strap them next to each other and double the overall capacity.) These type of cap racks will run between about ten and twenty five dollars. However you might want to opt for the more expensive types as the straps on the cheaper ones can be a bit flimsy.


Peg hat rack system

This is the old school way to hang your hats. A peg hat rack systems is made from hardwood or stainless steel and can sometimes be expanded. It is nailed or screwed into the wall and can be positioned vertically or horizontally. The number of pegs depends on the size of the piece. In addition to baseball caps, peg hat racks system can also house more flimsy lids, such as wool hats. These hat racks range in price between $10 and $25 depending on their size and material.


Cap storage bag
Not a hat rack, per see, but it can be used as one. A hat storage bag is primarily a way to transport your hats. (Which is good for a guy who wants to go on vacation and mix things up by wearing a different hat every day.) But when you aren’t using the storage bag to move your caps around it works pretty well as a place to, well, store them. Cap storage bags usually cost between ten and twenty dollars.

These are the basic types of cap racks, but they certainly aren’t the totality of the cap rack market. There are many variations of these hat racks — for example there is hanging hat rack that attaches to a closet rod. There are also cap racks that crazy cap rack geniuses are currently dreaming up and will soon hit the market. You can buy hat racks at brick at mortar retailers like Bed, Bath and Beyond, The Container Store and Dick’s Sporting Goods. There is also a wide selection of baseball cap racks on online marketplaces like Amazon and eBay.

In this day and age, there is no reason not to have a rack to hang your hat on.


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  3. steve says:

    i` am iterested in the peg hat rack system how can i get one

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