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Women Baseball Jacket


There haven’t been many women baseball players since the demise of the All American Girls Professional Baseball League of “there’s no crying in baseball” fame. But that doesn’t mean women shouldn’t be on board with the latest in baseball fashion.

A baseball cap is always a good accessory on a young lady. And a colorful baseball tee is a great way to display feminine style. Many fashion mavens predict in 2014 the baseball jacket will be in vogue for both men and women. So any fashion forward gal should think about adding a baseball jacket to her winter collection.

There are many different types of baseball jackets for women. There are lightweight linen jackets which feature a solid color and then the signature striped trimming of a baseball jacket. Other women’s baseball jackets are made of leather, and have a baseball jacket’s traditional color block arms as well as the telltale trim. These heavier jackets can be quite expensive but, then again, fashion isn’t cheap.


But perhaps the purest of the woman’s baseball jacket would feature a wool body with leather color block arms and then the trim. This is commonly called the leather sleeve baseball jacket and is sold by retailers such as Nordstroms, Bloomingdales and Macy’s.

Another great place to look for Women’s baseball jackets is Just type “Women’s Baseball Jacket” into amazon’s search box and see all of the different baseball jackets that could soon be in your wardrobe. Isn’t technology grand!

There is always a debate, when buying women’s apparel, if you should purchase online or at the store. Buying online is more convenient and often cheaper.  But spending your money at an actual store allows you to try the clothing on and see how it looks on your body.

When buying a women’s baseball jacket the debate is no different: Would you like it to just show up at your doorstep? Or do you want to go to the store and see how different colors compliment your eyes and skin tone and different sizes adjust to your shape? There really is no perfect answer.

But no matter which way you chose to buy a women’s baseball jacket once it is yours you will find it is the perfect coat for a night at the ballpark or a night on the town.


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