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Frequently Asked Questions About Baseball


If you have a question about baseball, you are probably not alone. Every day hundreds of thousands of people turn to references like the internet to have their baseball inquiries answered. We’ve compiled a list of some of the most common baseball questions, as well

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Baltimore Orioles Team History


  The Orioles’ franchise began in 1894 as the Milwaukee Brewers. Since 1954 they’ve been the Baltimore Orioles. The play in the American League East and their home park in Camden Yards in Baltimore, Maryland. The franchise’s Milwaukee phase was brief and unsuccessful, and in

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Chicago White Sox Team History


One of the original eight American League teams, the Chicago White Sox joined Major League baseball in 1901. They are in the American League Central Division and play at US Cellular Field in Chicago. Team nicknames include the ChiSox and the Southsiders. The White Sox

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New York Mets Team History

New York Mets Team Picture

The New York Mets joined the National League as an expansion team in 1962. They are in the East Division and they play their games at Citi Field. Their colors are blue orange and white and their nickname is The Amazin’s. With the departure the

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Minnesota Twins Team History


The Minnesota Twins joined the American League in 1901 as the Washington Senators. They are currently in the league’s Central Division and the play their games at Target Field in Minneapolis. Their colors are navy blue, red and white. The origins of the Twins stretch

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Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim


The Los Angeles Angels joined the American League in 1961. They are in the League’s West Division and have played in Angel Stadium in Anaheim since 1966. Their colors are carnelian, midnight blue and white. In 1960, Major League baseball decided to add another team

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Washington Nationals Team History


  The Washington Nationals franchise entered the National League in 1969 as the Montreal Expos. They currently play in the league’s Eastern division. The Nationals’ team colors are red, white and navy and their home field in Nationals Park in Washington DC. Montreal had had

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Minor League Baseball Teams


  There are currently 243 Minor League baseball teams with the majority acting as affiliates for Major League baseball clubs. Below we’ve listed all 30 big league teams, organized by league and alphabetical order, and their corresponding minor league teams. American League Baltimore Orioles Norfolk

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Ten Best Books About Baseball


What’s a baseball fan to do in the winter when there none of their favorite sport to watch or to follow. Well, the can always curl up by the fire with a good baseball book. We’ve compiled a list of the ten best books about

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