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Kate Upton’s Reaction is Priceless After Boyfriend Justin Verlander Tosses Her Ball

Kate Upton gets ball from Verlander reaction

Justin Verlander is not having a very good year. With the addition of David Price to the Tigers rotation, one could make the argument that the former Cy Young winner and MVP, who’s in the middle of a $220 million contract, is now the team’s fifth starter.

But Verlander still has something Price, Anibal Sanchez, Rick Porcello and even Max Scherzer doesn’t: the love of Kate Upton, America’s busty sweatheart.

Upton and Verlander have been dating for a couple years now, and the 22-year old supermodel took in Monday’s game between the Detroit and the Yankees in New York. Verlander wasn’t pitching — New Yankee acquisition Brandon McCarthy out-dueled Scherzer 2-1 — so he was able to find the time get his main squeeze a souvenir.

Upton’s reaction is pretty priceless. That kind of expressiveness may allow Upton to move her nascent movie career beyond the role of eye candy she played in “The Other Woman” and “The Three Stooges.”

Throughout their relationship Upton and Verlander have proved to be quite the photogragenic pair. Here are some images of the lovebirds being all loving.

Upton cheers her hometown Orlando Magic. Verlander smiles arrogantly because he’s dating Kate Upton.

Kate Upton Verlander Basketball

All lovey-dovey  at the 2014 GQ Super Bowl party in New York.

Kate Upton Justin Verlander Superbowl party

Looks like Kate approved of David Price even before he became her boo’s teammate.

Kate Upton David Price

When you are dating Kate Upton, it is hard to keep your eyes up.

Justin Verlander looking at kate uptons boobs

Here the pair make themselves a part of baseball history by signing a seat at Fenway Park, where Verlander has had some success over the years.

Kate Upton Justin Verlander Fendway

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