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Baseball Poems (The Meaning of Casey At The Bat)

casey at the bat 1

The Ernest Thayer poem “Casey at the Bat” is the most famous of all baseball poems and one better known poems of any kind in American history. Using the pen name “Phin,” Thayer published the verses (full name “”Casey at the Bat: A Ballad of

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First African American Baseball Player

first african american3

  The first African American baseball player in Major League baseball history was Jackie Robinson who joined the Brooklyn Dodgers on April 15, 1947. Larry Doby became the first African American baseball player to join the American League when he suited up for the Cleveland

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Jewish Baseball Players

jewish baseball players

During the 2013 season, there were sixteen Jewish baseball players in the big leagues. They are Ryan Braun, Craig Breslow, Ike Davis, Scott Feldman, Nate Freiman, Sam Fuld, Ryan Kalish, Ian Kinsler, Ryan Lavarnway, Boston Red Sox, Jason Marquis, Kevin Pillar, Josh Satin, Michael Schwimer,

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Honus Wagner Baseball Card

honus wagner2

  Honus Wagner was an excellent baseball player. Arguably the greatest shortstop to ever suit and one of the five original Hall of Famers. In fact, only Ty Cobb got more votes than Wagner for Cooperstown’s initial class, with the man they called the flying

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Mickey Mantle Baseball Cards


There is something about Mickey Mantle that baseball card collectors just love. Sure he was a good player — one of the best ever — but the enthusiasm for his cards go beyond the numbers on the back of them and taps into the mystique

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Ten Best World Series Of All-Time


Major League Baseball’s Fall Classic isn’t always a classic. Sometimes it’s four games to zero laugher that has sports fans searching the dial for football highlights. But there has also been some pretty great World Series in the 100 plus year history of baseball’s postseason

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Most Valuable Baseball Cards


Remember how you thought your baseball cards were going to make you rich someday? Well, that surely didn’t happened. Unless you are old. Really, really old. Because while today’s mass produced and well-taken care of baseball cards are never going to be worth much, the

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Best Baseball Movies


There has long been a love affair between Hollywood and baseball with many a great movie taking place on the diamond. Check out the ten best baseball movies of all-time below. Number 10: Bang The Drum Slowly When it comes to sports movies that’ll make

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Chicago Cubs Team History


Founded in 1870, the Chicago Cubs are the longest continuous one-city franchise in North American sports history. They are currently in the Central Division of the National League and have played their home games at Wrigley Field in Chicago since 1916. Their colors are blue,