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Free Baseball Picks


There are a plethora of services offering free baseball picks on the Internet. Perhaps the most popular is CBSSportsline MLB Expert Picks which is powered by Prediction These free picks use 50,000 simulations to predict both the winner and the over/under. They are usually displayed on the site four or five hours before game time. Prediction Machine is a subscription service but you can get their selections free through Sportsline.

In fact, many of the Internet sites offering free picks are doing so to try to rope you in as subscriber. (And why wouldn’t they?) So be mindful of this when you tour the free baseball pick buffet the world wide web is.


Another piece of advice would be to track a service offering free baseball picks for a period of time before actually using their advice to wager money. Keep a chart of how successful service’s free picks have been in the past and then go with the service that has the best recent track record. Some sites will advertise their success rates on their web page, but it probably behooves you to do a little leg work here and get your own confirmation of their skill. (Or lack there of.)


And here’s another thought: only gamble on baseball if you know the sport so well you don’t need to get your picks off of the Internet.

Instead use the cash you would put up for baseball bets to buy nice things for your friends and family. Or stick it in a 401K. Instead of making baseball bet, you can save up money for a vacation to an exotic location like Bali or the Michigan’s Upper Peninsula.Or, if you so desire, use the cash to buy drugs and alcohol. Or make football bets, because they are easier. Especially college football. (And if you find you just can’t stop betting on baseball and any other sport and is negatively effecting your life please contact the Gambling Hotline at 1-866-494-0866.)


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