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Custom Baseball Gloves


There are many, many baseball gloves available on the market. They come in different sizes and shapes and colors. There are infielder gloves, outfielder gloves, catcher’s mitts, first baseman mitts and even gloves for pitchers. There are youth gloves and adult gloves, and that doesn’t even get into all the different kinds of gloves out there that are for softball, men’s and women’s.

With such a wide selection of gloves, why would anybody want a custom baseball glove? Well, maybe the question should be why would anybody want a custom suit, with all the different shapes and styles of suits on the rack at your local department store.

In both cases, the answer is the same. There are some among us who are willing to pay a premium for an item so is tailored to their exact specifications. They’ve worked hard for their money and when they step on the baseball diamond they want a glove that fits, well, like a glove.

Or maybe they are the super competitive type, like the swimming who will shave all of their body hair in hopes that that tiny little aerodynamic edge will make the difference.

The point is we shouldn’t judge people who go the custom route for their baseball mitts. Instead we should try to understand what goes into the customization process. Through this understanding you might even realize you are the kind of person who would buy a custom baseball glove!

When you customize a glove you get to choose the the color and the type of leather the glove is made out of. It is also up to you to chose among many web-styles and also the pattern style of the fingers.


Did you always want a light tan glove with dark brown stitching? Do you want the palm of your glove to be orange, the web of your glove to be red and the fingers of your glove to be green? Yes that sounds crazy and sort of gross but you can make that happen when you customize your glove.

During the customization process, you chose the glove’s welting as well as its back style. If you want a velcro strap on the back, you can have a velcro strap on the back. Most big glove companies, like Wilson and Mizuno, give you the option to customize your glove and offer up just about all of their models for customization. Glovesmith is a smaller glove company that is known for their excellent customizations. Worth, Rawlings and SSK or more glove outfits that often have their mitts customized.

Googling the company’s glove you want customized and then the word “custom” should get you to where you need to go to start the process. A custom glove will run between $200 and $400 with the price ultimately determined by what model you chose and the specifications you make. Expect four to eight weeks for the delivery of a custom glove.

Do you think Major Leaguers just buy their gloves as is? No, Big League players have their mitts customized. Now that you understanding what goes into this process, is glove customization something for you?.


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