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Baseball Tees For Men


Baseball Tees should be a part of any fashionable man’s wardrobe. Despite the name, a baseball t-shirt is actually completely different than the tops major leaguers where when then play. Baseball tees are defined by the contrast between the color of the sleeves and the color of the rest of the shirt.

The traditional baseball tee is white with sleeves of a primary color like blue or red. The sleeves would be two-third length and made of a t-shirt like material. Baseball tees are sometimes called baseball shirts.

There are many variations of the baseball tee. They can have full length sleeves or short sleeves. They can feature any two color combinations under the sun. Some baseball tees feature a single breast pocket. Others have designs or logos on their fronts or numbers on their backs. (Or both.)

While major league baseball players don’t wear baseball tees during games, softball, beer league and youth teams often use baseball tees — in particular the two-third sleeve version — as their uniform tops. That is where the t-shirts get their “baseball” name.

However the majority of baseball tees are worn off of the diamond. Because of their color block style, baseball tees will match with just about any pair of jeans or khakis. They also go well with a pair of cargo shorts. The two-third length of a baseball sleeve naturally flatters the arm. (This is because of a visual aesthetic called the rule of thirds.) So even if your baseball tee is full length you should roll up your sleeves a bit to create a stylish two-third length situation.


Baseball tees can be worn to watch a game with the guys on the couch, or for a night on the town with the lady. They can even be worn to play baseball in.

You can buy a baseball tee just about anywhere you can buy clothes. Now a fashion staple, most clothing lines offer a baseball tee. The Gap, J. Crew, American Apparel, American Eagle, Abercrombie & Fitch and Banana Republic are examples of American brands which feature baseball tees.

Baseball tees from these retailers can cost up to thirty dollars. (Before buying makes sure to search the Internet for discounts.) You can also find baseball tees from more generic brands for closer to ten bucks. The website cheepestee is great place to find these type of baseball tees. These cheaper baseball tees are generally not made from one hundred percent cotton, as the more expensive baseball tees are. Instead they are either a cotton and synthetic blend (usually polyester) or completely synthetic.

Blended baseball tees may actually be superior to the hundred percent cotton versions. The synthetics allow for more interesting colors and also help the shirt keep its form.

To reiterate: You don’t need to play baseball to wear a baseball tee. In fact, most baseball tees have been nowhere near a glove or a bat. But they just might be the perfect shirt for the stylish male.


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