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Daily Archives: February 2, 2014

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Youth Baseball Gloves

youth baseball gloves

Economic factors certainly come into play when considering youth baseball gloves. On the one hand (so to speak) you want to buy your burgeoning slugger or fireballer a glove that works well and they can feel proud of. But on the other hand their little

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Honus Wagner Baseball Card

honus wagner2

  Honus Wagner was an excellent baseball player. Arguably the greatest shortstop to ever suit and one of the five original Hall of Famers. In fact, only Ty Cobb got more votes than Wagner for Cooperstown’s initial class, with the man they called the flying

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Funny Baseball Quotes


It’s a funny little game, baseball. You’ve probably heard that said before. There have also been plenty of funny things said about America’s pastime. Below we have compiled a list of twenty-six funny baseball quotes in no particular order. Why twenty-six? Well, it’s kind of

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Cheap Baseball Tickets


Going to the ballpark and taking in a Major League Baseball game is a great way to spend a summer evening. But you know what’s even better? Seeing a Major League Baseball game for cheap. Yes, watching baseball can be expensive. The average price to

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Baseball Cap Rack


We have no idea how many different types of baseball caps there are in the world. A million? That sounds like too many. But surely there are hundreds of thousands. The point is if you want to own a lot of different baseball hats you

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Baseball Trading Pins


Baseball Trading Pins have become quite popular over the years. A trading pin is simply a logoed pin that the wearer can stick on their uniform or lapel. Trading pins don’t have to be baseball themed — universities, police and fire departments, restaurants, and, of

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San Marcos Youth Baseball


San Marcos Youth Baseball is a youth baseball organization in San Marcos, California. It is open to to five to fourteen year olds in the city of San Marcos and within the San Marcos unified school district, which includes some areas of Vista and Escondido.

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Multiplication Baseball

multiplication baseball3

    Let’s face it. Most kids don’t think math is fun. No matter how many posters you may read saying otherwise. But baseball is something kids do enjoy. And it can help them learn math Multiplication baseball, or math baseball, are baseball-based flash video

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Baseball Savings


Baseball savings is an online one-stop shop for baseball equipment and apparel. It was founded in 2006 and its mailing address is in Wichita, Kansas, where they also have one retail store there. Baseball Savings is the number one baseball only retailer on the Internet.

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Mickey Mantle Baseball Cards


There is something about Mickey Mantle that baseball card collectors just love. Sure he was a good player — one of the best ever — but the enthusiasm for his cards go beyond the numbers on the back of them and taps into the mystique