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Daily Archives: January 28, 2014

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Summer League Baseball


The big difference between college baseball and professional baseball, besides the level of competition, is the use of aluminum bats vs. wood bats. One way college players who hope to make the jump to paid baseball bridge the bat gap is by playing in a

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How Major League Baseballs Are Made


All of the baseballs used in a Major League game are made in a single factory in the Costa Rican town of Turrialba. It’s been that way since the the late ‘80s when Rawlings, the official ball maker of Major League Baseball, moved production to

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Choosing The Right Fantasy Baseball Camp


Who said camp is just for the kids? Twenty four major league baseball teams offer annual fantasy camps that are not only geared towards adults, but actually require attendees to be a minimum age, usually 25 or 30. The structure of these camps is basically

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How To Buy A Baseball Ticket


It used to be if you wanted to buy a ticket to a Major League game you’d have to go over to the box office at the stadium and buy one, or pre-order the ticket and have it delivered in the mail, or buy it

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Major League Baseball Stadiums and Their Dimensions


Baseball parks come in all different styles and shapes. Especially  since teams started to ditch the cookie cutter  multi-use stadiums built in 60s and 70s for more intimate baseball only ballparks designed in retro-classic and retro-modern styles. Learn more about all 30 current major league

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College World Series Winners


The College World series was first played in 1947 when California defeated Yale by the score of 8-7. Since then, the highest scoring College World Series final was in 1998, a football-like 21-14 Southern California win over Arizona State. Southern California and Arizona State also

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Best Baseball and Softball Bats


Just like a painter needs a brush, a hitter needs a bat. We’ve scoured the internet for the most highly rated bats in the youth, adult and softball categories. Below are descriptions of the bats as well as the price range you should expect the

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Best Gloves For Baseball and Softball


A baseball player has a close personal relationship with his mitt. In this article we discuss the best gloves for youth baseball players, adult baseball players and softball players as culled from online reviews of the product. We’ve also included the price range for the

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Frequently Asked Questions About Baseball


If you have a question about baseball, you are probably not alone. Every day hundreds of thousands of people turn to references like the internet to have their baseball inquiries answered. We’ve compiled a list of some of the most common baseball questions, as well

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Boston Red Sox Team History


The Boston Red Sox were founded in 1901 as one of the American League’s original eight franchises. They are in the American League’s East Division and have played their home games at Fenway Park in Boston since 1912. The Red Sox began as the American