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How To Buy A Baseball Ticket


It used to be if you wanted to buy a ticket to a Major League game you’d have to go over to the box office at the stadium and buy one, or pre-order the ticket and have it delivered in the mail, or buy it quasi-legally form a scalper who is hanging around outside the stadium

These are all still popular ways to gain entry to your favorite ballpark, but in this brave new digital age your ticket by options have massively expanded.

The easiest way to buy tickets online is to log onto to and click the tickets’ section. That will bring you to a list of every team. Click on the team you want to see play and a layout of the stadium with the pricing of each section and the availability of tickets will be presented. You can also get this setup be going directly to a team’s official website. When buying a ticket through MLB or one of its clubs the order is generally being processed by Ticketmaster.


If you are purchasing a ticket this way a good trick is to Google “discount code” plus the team you want to see play because there is typically going to be a discount code option before payment, and you might get lucky and find a relevant discount code on a fan forum which could save you big bucks on the final purchase.

Another way to buy Major League Baseball tickets online is through third party secondary markets.

The most famous of these legal “digital scalpers” is Stubhubub, which is the largest secondary-market ticket marketplace in the United States. You can buy or sell tickets on Stubhub, which is owned by eBay, and the prices fluctuate according to the demand for the game. Stubhub makes their money by charging a 15 percent commission on each transaction.

Craigslist is another good place to find individuals selling tickets. And since there is no commission on Craigslist transactions you might find a better deal than you would on a site such as Stubhub.

There are also online services which obtain big chunks of unsold tickets from brokers, corporations, promoters and other sources and then sell them to the public. is s leading example of this service.


Scorebig allows you to bid, Priceline-style, on undersold tickets. While it is a great place to get discount tickets, such a service is not going to work if there is a lot of demand for the particular game you want to go see.

There are a lot of online baseball ticket buying options out there. But to make your search for the best ticket price is as efficient as possible you may want to use the ticket search engine website

Seatgeek mines secondary ticket market transaction from the 60 most popular websites in that category, and then displays all the prices in one easy to analyze interface.

If that doesn’t work for your price range you can always try Groupon. Doing an internal search after logging onto the deal site will reveal if they have any major league baseball ticket options still open.

Finally, a good way to get baseball tickets on the Internet is simply to ask. Go on a social media site like Facebook or Twitter and mention you’d like to see your favorite baseball team play this upcoming Thursday night or whenever and that you are looking for tickets.

If you have many friends or followers, there’s a good chance one of them has season tickets and isn’t going to be able to use them that day.

If you’re lucky, they may just offer you the tickets for free, since they were otherwise going to go to waste. And as enjoyable as a night at the ballpark is a free night at the ballpark is even better.


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