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Jacob Turner is Now Strangely a Cub

Jacob Turner

Jacob Turner just turned 23. Before the 2012 season, the big right-hander was a consensus top 20 prospect for the Detroit Tigers. He was traded to the Marlins mid-season in the Anibal Sanchez/ Omar Infante deal and put on the big club. Although his win-lose record doesn’t reflect it, Turner was a slightly above average starting pitcher for the Marlins for the rest of the 2012 season and than into 2013.  He has struggled in 2014, losing his spot in the Marlins rotation. But, remember, Jacob Turner just turned 23.

Which is why it was so surprising when the Marlins placed on Turner on waivers early this month. Their rationale for the move seems to be that they needed to clear a spot on their 40-man roster for 36-year old Brad Penny – last seen pitching horribly for the Giants in 2012. And being that they needed the spot, the Marlins worked out a deal with the Cubs for Turner, getting two over-aged pitchers in A-Ball in return.

When can’t think of another recent example of team giving up on a player so young and with so much pedigree for so little. There must be something else going on. Has Turner murdered somebody and arrest is imminent. Did he criticize owner Jeffry Loria’s art collection? (Or perhaps Penny has kidnapped Loria’s art collection.)

Whatever the reason, good deal for the Cubs. Theo Epstein now has another young asset to use, or to flip for a Cole Hamels or Troy Tulowitzki.

Brady Penny eliza dushku

Maybe the Marlins thought Brad Penny was still dating Eliza Dushku

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