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Daily Archives: January 29, 2014

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MLB Baseball Standings


The Boston Red Sox and St. Louis Cardinals topped the overall MLB baseball standings in 2013. This marked the first time since 1999 that the two teams with the best record have met in the World Series, which was won the the Red Sox. The

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Best Baseball Movies


There has long been a love affair between Hollywood and baseball with many a great movie taking place on the diamond. Check out the ten best baseball movies of all-time below. Number 10: Bang The Drum Slowly When it comes to sports movies that’ll make

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CBSSports Fantasy Baseball


CBSSports Fantasy Baseball is the third most popular fantasy baseball website in the world, following Yahoo! and ESPN. In 2012, their Fantasy Commissioner Baseball game was rated the number fantasy baseball game by the Fantasy Sports Trade Association. The most popular CBSsports Fantasy baseball game

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How To Use Sabermetrics in Fantasy Baseball


Sabermetrics is revolutionizing how baseball is played and understand. New statistics which measure the total worth of a player and help to predict what that player will do in the future have helped baseball executives like Andrew Friedman in Tampa Bay and Billy Beane in

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Sabermetric Statistics Glossery


Sabermetrics are taking over baseball. This new mathematical based way of looking at how the game is played now influences how teams evaluate players and construct their rosters. The term Sabermetrics comes from the acronym SABR, which stands for the Society of American Baseball Research.