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Youth Baseball Cleats


When your kid signs up for a youth baseball team most of the uniform is going to be provided to him by the league. However the parents are still typically responsible for the player’s shoes.

Although in a less competitive league a youngster can probably get away with tennis shoes or cross-trainers, players in more competitive leagues and those who want to get a more authentic baseball experience will want to enter the diamond with a pair of baseball cleats.

Youth baseball cleats can purchased at your local sport goods store or online at sites such as Amazon or Dicks. There are also many Internet retail sites just dedicated to the sale of baseball cleats. Here are five pairs of shoes you should think about if you are market for youth baseball cleats.


Jordan Kids’ Black Cat Mid Molded Baseball Cleat $51.99
Michael Jordan wasn’t much of a baseball player. However the basketball legend has been quite successful at the whole sport goods’ thing. The Jordan Kid’s Black Cat Mid Molded Baseball Cleat will make any aspiring slugger the coolest cat on the diamond. The shoe’s Phylon midsole offers extreme comfort while the injected outsole provides the maximum in grip, maneuverability and acceleration. The cleat is high cut for extra ankle support and its mesh and synthetic upper lets the player’s foot breathe. It is available in adult sizes 1 to 6. Some who have bought the shoe report it runs a bit small.

Reebok JR ZIG COOPERSTOWN Athletic Boys Shoes $50
These aren’t traditional baseball cleats and in fact bare some resemblance to cross-trainers. But, as the name suggests, they are specifically designed for baseball activities. The ZigTech technology featured in the shoe means the kicks are performance ready out of the box and its toe traction system is designed for the drag created by pitching and hitting. The Zig Cooperstown’s “play dry” system will keep the feet from getting moist on a warm day and the synthetic leather upper maximizes comfort. Perhaps most importantly, these shoes have serious spring, and will allow a young speedster to accelerate around the bases with the quickness of a rabbit or gazelle. The shoe is available in kids’ size 10 to adult size 6 and can be bought in five different sporty color schemes.


Mizuno Kids’ 9-Spike Franchise 7 Mid Baseball Cleat $45
The Japanese sport good company Mizuno has long been known for their quality baseball equipment and apparel. Their most economical youth baseball cleat is their Kids’ 9-Spike Franchise 7 Mid Baseball Cleat. The shoe’s outsole features a rubber stud layout which results in superior grip and acceleration no matter the quality of field and is designed to react best to baseball movements such as running, throwing and hitting. Mizuno Wave technology, which emphasis stability and comfort, has been installed in this 7.15 ounce shoe. It is available in adult sizes 1 to 6.

Under Armour Kids’ Leadoff IV Low Molded Baseball Cleat $25

Since children’s feet tend to grow, you don’t want to spend a fortune on a pair of youth baseball cleats. That’s why the Leadoff IV Low Molded Baseball Cleats are such a home run. At only $25, you can root for your kids to grow rather than watering down their milk in hopes of milking another season out of their shoes. The cleat features a mesh tongue which is design to keep feet dry and cool and a rotational traction configuration that allows the player to accelerate in any direction with comfort. The show is available from kids’ size 10K to adult size 6.

Adidas Kids’ Tater 3 Baseball Cleat $20
At 20 bucks, these Adidas Kids’ Tater 3 baseball Cleats are the lowest priced shoe on the market. Featuring a classic, no-nonsense design, these shoes are durable enough to be handed down from brother to brother. And with an EVA sole insole they are certain to provide the kind of comfort you would expect from two to three times the price. The shoe also features a molded rubber outsole for big league acceleration and non-slip lining for support and stability. The shoe is comes in kids’ size 10K to adult size six. And at the price you may as well by extra pairs for when your youngster’s foot grows.


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