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Glossary Of Baseball Statistics


Stats are the lifeblood of baseball.  However sometimes all those statistical terms and abbreviations can get a little confusing. But, have no fear, we’ve put together a pretty comprehensive glossary of baseball statistics. Below you will find traditional batting statistics, pitching statistics and fielding statistics.

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Sabermetric Statistics Glossery


Sabermetrics are taking over baseball. This new mathematical based way of looking at how the game is played now influences how teams evaluate players and construct their rosters. The term Sabermetrics comes from the acronym SABR, which stands for the Society of American Baseball Research.

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Baseball Score Sheet

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    A baseball score sheet or scorecard is the form which baseball fans, journalists and announcers use to keep score. The baseball scoresheet was invented by sportswriter Henry Chadwick in the 1870s, but the methods of keeping score have evolved significantly since then. The

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Bo Jackson Baseball Stats


  Bo Jackson played Major League Baseball between 1986 and 1994, although the latter half of his career was severely limited by injuries. For his career he hit .250 in 2393 at-bats with 141 home runs and 82 stolen bases in 114 attempts. He had

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Michael Jordan Baseball Stats


In 1994 Michael Jordan played one year of minor league baseball for the Double-A Birmingham Barons, a Chicago White Sox affiliate. The stats he put up were less than impressive. In 497 plate appearances the the NBA legend hit .202 with a .289 OBP and