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Baseball Trading Pins


Baseball Trading Pins have become quite popular over the years. A trading pin is simply a logoed pin that the wearer can stick on their uniform or lapel. Trading pins don’t have to be baseball themed — universities, police and fire departments, restaurants, and, of course girl, scouts are all organizations that issue pins to their members or employees.

Baseball trading pins are particularly popular with youth baseball teams, who show their hardball pride be wearing these pins in social settings or sticking them on a cork board in their room or garage. There is also a tradition among Little League players to trade these pins with their opponents during game play and especially tournaments. That is where the “trading” in baseball trading pins comes from. But don’t wear your baseball trading pins during games, as most youth baseball leagues ban jewelry of any kind during play.

There are many Internet sites that offer customizable baseball pins. However the process of having them made and delivered is fairly standard.

To start the process, you come up a with a design idea. This can can be fully developed concept or just a picture or a team logo. Then you send it in to the online vendor you have chosen to make your baseball trading pin. The vendor will likely want you to send the mock up on a computer file rather than mail it or fax it. After they receive your mock up, the vendor electronically sends you back a proof with a price quote. If that meets your needs, you are ready to go.


Custom baseball trading pins can be purchased in a variety of metals and colors. They can also be just about and shape. In fact, the shape of a baseball trading pin is usually one of its most distinguishing characteristics so you should take the time to come up with a shape that is unique and expresses how you feel about your baseball team.

The cost of baseball trading varies based on size and how many pins you order. The minimum lot is going to be around fifty, and that will cost between around $1.50 and $4.00 a pin, depending on size and material. But if are buying baseball trading pins to be traded at tournaments you will need much more than just fifty pins. In fact, it is recommended that each Little League player on the team should have between thirty-five and fifty pins to take to a tournament.

That it is because there will be many other teams at the competition, and the custom is to try to get as many of those other teams’ pins through “trades.” Larger pins can be beneficial in this informal marketplace because they often bring two for one deals.

Ordering more trading pins will also greatly lower their price per pin, and you should see the cost of a ¾ inch pin drop below two dollars when buying a lot of more than a hundred and one dollar when purchasing five hundred plus baseball trading pins

Although most baseball pin vendors offer delivery between three and eight days, it is recommended you get a jump on the tournament season by ordering your baseball trading pins in April or May. That way when your youth baseball team does start the summer tournament circuit they team’s players will have plenty of baseball trading pins to exchange with the players on other teams.


2 thoughts on “Baseball Trading Pins”

  1. Kairi Gainsborough says:

    I’ve recently learned about the tradition of teams trading pins during games and tournaments. I love unique enamel pins, so this idea seems great to me. My sons play baseball, but none of the other teams have mentioned anything about pins. If I can interest the other parents, I should see if they want to have so pins made to give out! I know the kids would love it.

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